432 EVO Essence music server and DAC

432 evo essence music server + dac

The 432 EVO Essence music server provides bit-perfect ripping and storage of your entire CD collection, as well as digital files. ALL U.K. 432 EVO servers use fast, silent, mechanically isolated SSD digital storage (an option in other countries). Like most servers, it sits on your network providing digital music to all of your household streaming devices.

Where the Essence differs from all other 432 EVO servers is that it incorporates high quality DACs to offer a fully functioning stand alone music server that can be added to ANY hifi system, even one which is completely analogue. The Essence can also perform as a complete front end source to non-digital, active loudspeakers such as Acoustic Energy or ATC. The DAC chips are Texas Instruments PCM1792A, capable of a signal to noise ratio of 124dB. Output connections are a pair of unbalanced RCA outputs, a coaxial digital output, and optical digital output with an adaptor.

Being fully Roon compatible, the Essence can be utilised in Roon based systems. For those preferring a cheaper option, it can be controlled by a number of Android and IOS apps for Squeezebox servers, such as iPeng, SqueezePad, Orange Squeeze, and Squeezer. One very useful feature though is the ability to be seen and used by general household streaming products via UPnP while also acting as a Roon Core in a main system connected directly via the USB output at the same time.

All major sound formats are catered for and can be streamed bit-perfect, upsampled, or filtered by any one of ten digital filters, including Archimago's 432Hz tuning filter. An HDMI output is also present in order to plug the 432 EVO Essence into an HDMI equipped DAC, or an AV receiver or processor, taking advantage of DSD encoded files.

The U.K. 432 EVO Essence comes with a dedicated, high quality, low-noise linear power supply from Sbooster. (an option in other countries), ensuring that even the base model in the range is fed a clean, even power supply in order to guarantee high quality music reproduction.

As well as hosting all of your digital music for your household streaming products to access at any time, 432 EVO's range of servers not only provide access to thousands of internet radio stations, but also the expansive music libraries of online streaming services from Spotify, QOBUZ, and TIDAL, adding all the flexibility you'd expect from a stand alone music streamer. All this is controllable by numerous available apps for IOS and Android for phones, tablets, or desktop. Why pay for a server AND a streamer when you can have both in one box?


With the Essence, you don't even need a DAC.

Forthcoming reviews will be posted here

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All major sound formats are catered for with 16, 24, and 32 bit bit depths, as well as well as sampling rates up to 768kHz. DSD is also covered from DSD64 to DSD512. Any of these formats can all streamed bit-perfect, upsampled, or filtered by any one of ten digital filters, including Archimago's 432Hz tuning filter.


Many years ago, instruments were tuned to 432Hz (A), but over time, more modern music has generally been tuned to high frequencies, currently around 440Hz, in order to give a louder, sharper, more aggressive sound - not always desired characteristics. Nothing is altered in the storage of your digital music - that's bit-perfect - only on playback is the 432Hz re-tune performed on-the-fly, and can easily be switched in and out via settings accessed by a laptop or PC.


This is something you're going to hear more about as the UK reviews for 432 EVO products start coming through, but here's an older review which majors on the 432Hz tuning.

  • 2TB SSD digital storage [4TB and 8TB options]

  • 2x USB 2.0 expansion ports

  • 2x USB 3.0 expansion ports

  • 1x realtime clocked gigabit ethernet

  • Texas Instruments PCM1792A DAC chipset

  • 1x HDMI output for DACS and AV products

  • Coaxial digital output (optical with adaptor)

  • WAV, FLAC, AAC, MP3, Ogg Vorbis compatible

  • DSD compatible [up to DSD512 in DSF and DFF]

  • MQA pass-through in Bit Perfect Mode

  • 432Hz Mode

  • user tunable linear phase filter

  • user tunable minimum phase filter

  • Quad-Core processor

  • 8Gb RAM

  • Roon compatible

  • controllable with most 'Squeeze' apps

  • TIDAL, QOBUZ, and Spotify streaming apps

  • internet radio access

  • Sbooster linear power supply

  • available in black or silver

  • H 69mm x W 435mm x D 325mm

  • 2 year warranty

  • 1 year free Roon subscription

  • £3750

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