Anthem MCA-325 Gen2 three-channel power amplifier,

Designed and built in Canada, Anthem's MCA-325 Gen2 three-channel power amplifier is the perfect addition to bolster the front three channels of an existing home theatre system, or as part of an Atmos and DTS:X based system along with Anthem's AVM processors.

anthem mca-325 gen2 power amplifier

The MCA-325 Gen2 provides three individual channels of power amplification, which is constantly monitored by it's Advanced Load Monitoring system, which ensures the amplifier is always working optimally, protecting the amplifier (and your speakers) from any possible damage in extreme circumstances.

The MCA-325 Gen2 has been designed to remain highly stable even under strenuous conditions, providing 225wpc into 8ohm, and up to 600wpc into 2 ohms.

rear panel of the Anthem MCA-325 Gen2,

Unbalanced RCA and balanced RCA inputs are provided for each channel, as well as a 12v trigger input and output.

Specially designed binding posts provide a secure fixing of terminated or unterminated speaker cables.

Anthem MCA-325 Gen2 power amplifier,
  • 3-channel power amplifier

  • Class AB design

  • 225wpc into 8ohms

  • 400wpc into 4ohms

  • 600wpc into 2ohms

  • dual toroidal transformer design

  • unbalanced RCA inputs

  • balanced XLR inputs

  • 12v trigger input / output

  • H169mm x W438mm x D460mm

  • 3 year warranty

  • £2495