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anthem mrx-1120 home theatre receiver

Anthem's MRX-1120 has been designed for serious home theatre enthusiasts - the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none" doesn't apply here.​ The few alternatives to the MRX-1120 may provide full Dolby Atmos processing, but very few offer the amplification in a single box to take advantage of it, needing extra boxes to do so. The MRX-1120 offers a complete, high quality solution in a single box.

That doesn't mean the MRX-1120 is any slouch in the audio department though. Using 32bit/768kHz digital to analogue convertors, Anthem receivers are more than well equipped for reproducing high resolution audio for both movies and music.

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Dolby Atmos processing,
dts X processing,
Anthem MRX-1120 AV receiver, Anthem MRX1120 home theatre receiver,
DTS Play-Fi streaming capability,
Anthem MRX-1120 remote control,

The MRX-1120's back-lit remote control is neatly laid out and intuitive to use, giving easy access to second zone controls, stored speaker profiles, speaker levels, lip-sync, as well as other useful features.

The Anthem MRX-1120 offers a genuine 140wpc, providing 11 channels of amplification for Dolby Atmos and DTS X immersive sound formats. This is backed up by its Quad-Core 32bit digital signal processor, ensuring effortless delivery of high quality audio, whether that be a thunderously immersive Dolby Atmos or DTS X multi-chanel movie soundtrack, or the latest album from your favourite artist reproduced in multi-channel with DTS NEO:6 or Anthem's own multi-channel AnthemLogic.

Anthem ARC M1 microphone,

A high quality calibrated microphone and stand are provided for these measurements to be

taken in order to appreciate the full potential of not only your speaker system, but also your

Anthem AV receiver. Up to four different speaker profiles can be stored in the MRX-1120's memory,

and more can be stored on your PC ready for easy transfer to the Anthem. This allows for different

speaker setups to be easily selected. For instance, as well as a 7.1 profile for home theatre and a 2.0

one for stereo listening, a different 7.1 and/or 5.0 profile can be stored for multi-channel listening. Any

of these profiles can be assigned to any input for automatic switching between sources.

ARC room correction

Many AV receivers are let down by their "hit and miss" room EQ systems, and this alone can make or break a home theatre system. Not so with Anthem. Their ARC room correction is among the very best available, measuring and adjusting the amplifier's output accordingly to remove the negative effects the room has on the

end result. With an EQ system like ARC, you're free to choose any speaker system you like.

Anthem MRX-1120 front display and controls,

Front panel controls are kept to a minimum, making for a refreshingly uncluttered look, simple and intuitive in use.

Equally, the display panel only gives you the important information you need to know - source, sound format, video format, and volume level.

A full on-screen GUI displays the complete menu system and associated initial setup options.

TIDAL streaming,
Amazon Music streaming,
Napster streaming,

The MRX-1120 doesn't disappoint for audio either, with the inclusion of DTS Play-Fi, a multi-room streaming platform that isn't restricted to the Anthem itself - a whole house multi-room system can be made up of different manufacturer's Play-Fi equipped products.

DTS Play-Fi streaming,
Deezer streaming,
Qobuz streaming,

Play-Fi brings a number of popular streaming services with it - Napster, Amazon Music, Deezer, Spotify Connect, and Qobuz. iHeartRadio provides access to over 800 internet radio stations, and you'll have access to any music stored on your network. All controllable via your phone or tablet.

Spotify Connect streaming,
4K Ultra HD pass-through,
Dolby Vision,
HDR compatible,
rear panel of the Anthem MRX-1120 AV receiver,

The MRX-1120 provides 11.1 processing and amplification, with a full brace of pre-amplifier outputs in order to add up to two subwoofers, higher powered external power amps for every channel.

Plenty of analogue and digital inputs provide flexibility including 8 HDMI inputs, allowing the connection of up to 18 external sources.

Anthem MRX-1120 home theatre receiver,


  • 140wpc (into 8ohms)

  • 11.1 processing

  • 11 channels of amplification

  • dtsX and Dolby Atmos

  • 8x HDMI inputs (incl MHL)

  • 2x HDMI outputs (incl ARC)

  • 5x analogue inputs

  • 1x analogue zone 2 output

  • 2x coaxial digital inputs

  • 3x optical digital inputs

  • 1x optical digital output

  • dts PlayFi

  • FM radio

  • 2x 12v trigger outputs

  • IP control

  • standby passthrough

  • H165mm x W439mm x D375mm

  • 3 year warranty

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