audio technica at-lpw50 turntable

The AT-LPW50 turntable is a simple, high quality belt-drive turntable with integral phono stage. The slimline plinth is finished in high gloss black, giving the LPW50 an attractive, modern look.

The AT-LPW40 turntable is fitted with the detachable AT-HS4 headshell, conveniently allowing quick and easy swaps between any number of different cartridges, ideal for those with stereo and mono albums for example. This also makes auditioning different cartridges quick and easy.

As standard, the LPW40 comes fitted with a black AT-VM95E cartridge, making the stylus easy to swap out for any other VM95 stylii.

The AT-LPW40 turntable is fitted with a straight, lightweight carbon fiber tone-arm. Anti-skate and counter-weight can be set manually to cover the use of different cartridges and headshells.

For convenience, and to aid compatibility, the AT-LPW50 provides a switchable phono stage - a switch on the back allows this to be switched in and out of the circuit as desired, making it ideal for system with or without dedicated turntable inputs. The connecting phono cables are detachable, making them upgradeable.

  • manual turntable

  • belt-drive turntable

  • 33 and 45 rpm speeds

  • AT-HS4 detachable headshell

  • AT-VM95E cartidge fitted

  • carbon fiber tone-arm

  • switchable phono stage

  • DC servo motor

  • separate AC adaptor

  • high gloss black plinth

  • adjustable isolation feet

  • £349

optional extra

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