bluesound vault 2i digital storage / media server

The Vault 2i can not only be at the heart of a Bluesound multi-room system providing a single storage point for all your digital music, or act quite simply as a flexible stand alone digital storage system and streamer to add to any hi-fi system bringing it up to date with modern streaming services, but it can also act as a discreet standalone system in itself - just add a pair of headphones!

As well as storing your CD collection and hi-res downloads in one place on its plentiful 2TB hard drive, it can also act as a media server for any number of rooms or zones with high quality music, as well a large number of well respected streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer, Qobuz, TIDAL (MQA compatible), and even Napster.

As well as a pair of analogue outputs to plug into virtually any type of hi-fi system or active pair of loudspeakers, there are also coaxial and optical digital outputs to connect to AV receivers are stand alone DACs. A 3.5mm jack input doubles as either an analogue or digital input. Rear USB sockets allows easy back up and file transfer.


aptX Bluetooth allows direct, high quality music streaming from phones or tablets.


A front mounted headphone socket allows private listening.

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rear panel of the Bluesound Vault 2i media server,
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Elipson's range of high quality Bluetooth turntables are a great wireless solution to pair up your vinyl collection with Bluesound wireless speakers and multi-room systems.

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