compact desktop dacs

High quality desktop digital-to-analogue convertors from Bel Canto and Exposure, ideal for desktop PC use, as part of a stand alone headphone based audio system, or even as part of a main high quality audio system.

earmen tradutto dac

High quality, ultra-compact desktop DAC providing decoding for all major digital formats, including MQA.

EarMen desktop DAC,

bel canto dac2.7

High quality DAC/headphone amplifier/pre-amplifier providing digital and analogue inputs from Bel Canto, offering hi-end performance from a compact box.

Bel Canto DAC2.7 pre/DAC,

exposure xm hp dac

Predominantly a headphone amplifier, the XM HP provides analogue and digital inputs to compliment its high quality digital to analogue conversion.

Exposure desktop DACs,