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Cyrus Audio's new One Linear loudspeaker was developed to perfectly compliment their Cyrus One integrated amplifier. A loudspeaker is usually produced to work with a range of different manufacturer's amplifiers, and while this is the case with the One Linear, they have been designed to work perfectly with Cyrus' own hybrid Class D amplification like the all-in-one Lyric and the Cyrus One integrated amplifier.

Cyrus One Linear louspeaker at the little audio company in Birmingham,

The rear ported Cyrus One Linear loudspeakers use a 5" woven Kevlar mid/bass driver, chosen for their extremely low weight and speed, and a 1" soft dome HF unit. Impedance is average at 86dB, but represent a nice easy load with regards to their 8ohm impedance, allowing them to work well with budget amplifiers.

cyrus one linear loudspeakers

cyrus at the little audio company,
Cyrus One Linear speakers at the little audio company in Birmingham,
Cyrus One Linear loudspeakers at the little audio company in Birmingham,

Cyrus have produced the One Linear to have a relatively flat frequency response, although this can be tailored to personal taste by experimenting with their position in relation to the wall behind them - but they've been designed to work at their best around 10-30cm from the rear wall. This makes the most of their bass and midrange response, which contributes to the wide 50Hz-24kHz frequency range at +/-3dB.

The good thing about these specially designed loudspeakers though is that they're not excessively priced - they're a very affordable bookshelf speaker in terms of the sort of speaker the Cyrus One can be partnered with.

 ex-demo pair, black, with B&W STAV24 stands  £185

(original RRP £640) 

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