digital hi-fi amplifiers

stereo hifi amplifiers that include a DAC with digital inputs (as well as analogue), providing extra fexibility for audio and visual based stereo hi-fi systems

retro styled amplification with audiophile features with a DAC option for music servers

the C5i and eX1 integrated amplifiers are cool running Class D designs with the flexibility of analogue and digital inputs

simple, powerful amplifiers from Norwegian manufacturer Hegel, incorporating DACs with digital inputs for extra flexibility, as well as network streaming

simple, powerful amplifiers from British manufacturer Exposure, offering DAC options with digital inputs for extra flexibility

high end amplifiers with DAC options from Italian manufacturer Norma Audio

click here for Norma Audio hifi amplifiers at the little audio company,

simple, powerful amplifiers from French manufacturer YBA, incorporating DACs with digital inputs for extra flexibility, and dedicated power switch for the digital section of the amplifier

high quality, high value for money amplifiers with digital inputs from Rotel (A12 and A14)

click here for Rotel digital hifi amplifiers,
click here for Cyrus hifi amplifiers at the little audio company,

compact, powerful amplifiers from British manufacturer Cyrus, offering digital inputs for extra flexibility (One HD and Cast)

compact hifi amplifiers with digital inputs and streaming services from multi-room manufacturer Bluesound

click here for Bluesound digital hifi amplifiers at the little audio company,

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