elipson music centre bt hd

The Elipson Music Centre BT HD is ideal for those looking for a convenient all-in-one system solution, particularly something that isn't the usual sharp cornered box. The slimline, circular design is far easier on the eye, and certainly makes it stand out against the mainstream. 

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The Elipson Music Centre BT HD incoorporates a compact disc player, DAB and DAB+ radio, FM RDS radio, and high resolution aptX HD Bluetooth streaming. The inclusion of a Chromecast Audio device adds Spotify and Deezer music streaming services, Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and Tune-In internet radio.

intelligent. compact. efficient.

ICEpower was formed in 1999, and adopted by Bang & Olufsen, . Since then, its widespread use in the domestic and pro audio industries cover anything from mobile phones, subwoofer and hi-fi amplifiers, through to in-car audio for the likes of Audio, Aston Martin and Mercedes.

efficient Class D amplification,

Conventional amplifiers aren't terribly efficient. This inefficiency results in unwanted heat which the amplifier has to efficiently dissipate to avoid overheating, otherwise the life of the surrounding components can be shortened, and it could cause a thermal shutdown. ICEpower's Class D amplifier design is much more efficient, allowing higher output with less loss, cooler running allowing for smaller heat sinks to be used, and longer component life, with no need for large toroidal transformers - amplification modules can be much smaller. In many cases, ventilation holes in the tops of casings can be eliminated too, making for a much better looking and dust resistant product.

Elipson Music Centre BT HD,

The Elipson Music Centre provides plenty of scope for external sources too. Two pairs of analogue RCA inputs cater for any full size audio sources such as a cassette deck or turntable (a phono stage may be needed), and a third analogue input in the shape of a 3.5mm mini-jack allows for portable audio to be connected, although this is where you would be likely to plug in the Chomecast Audio device.

An optical digital input covers anything from Bluray/DVD players to the likes of Virgin/Sky boxes, and a USB input will read music from USB devices.

A pre-amplifier output allows the connection of a pair of active speakers or addition amplification, and a subwoofer output means you can connect a subwoofer of your choice and also set a suitable crossover point between 50Hz and 200Hz in the Music Centre's menu system. This gives extra flexibility with the type of speaker system that can be used, allowing for 2.1 speaker systems.

If you've got a radio in your car or have a portable radio in the kitchen, you'll already know all about DAB digital radio. DAB and DAB+ gives you plenty of digitally broadcast radio stations to listen to including 11 BBC stations, and also some that are exclusive to DAB, all whilst displaying artist and track information for convenience.

DAB radio, DAB+ radio, digital radio,

For those who prefer the comfort of good old analogue radio, the Elipson Music Centre also incorporates an RDS equipped FM radio, giving access to virtually every station within reach of your analogue reception.

Twenty five station presets can be stored.

On top of this, the Chromecast Audio plug-in dongle also gives you access to thousands of internet radio stations worldwide. This makes the Elipson Music Centre THE perfect choice for radio listening enthusiasts!

Qualcomm's aptX HD Bluetooth is provided in order to allow the best possible quality streaming from phones and tablets (or other suitable equipped devices).

aptX HD Bluetooth, high resolution bluetooth,

aptX HD Bluetooth allows high resolution digital files up to 24bit 48kHz to be streamed losslessly to the Elipson Music Centre. This pretty much covers any music source not already covered by the Music Centre or the Chromecast device itself.

The Elipson Music Centre BT HD comes with remote control and Chromecast Audio, and is available in satin black finish


Elipson Music Centre BT HD, comact audio system, all in one system, aptX HD Bluetooth system, mini hifi system, the little audio company,
  • 120 watts per channel

  • DAB, DAB+ digital radio

  • 3 analogue inputs

  • optical digital input

  • USB input

  • headphone socket

  • subwoofer output

  • power amp output

  • h73mm x w330mm x d330mm

perfect partner
Elipson Bluetooth turntables,

Are you an avid vinyl listener too? Just add an Elipson Bluetooth turntable and connect wirelessly via Bluetooth! No need for extra boxes, or to even sit the turntable next to the system - place it wherever you like!