emotiva ta-100 integrated amplifier

Emotiva's TA-100 is a budget conscious stereo integrated amplifier for those looking for flexibility and simplicity. As well as analogue inputs, an onboard Analog Devices AD1955 DAC, capable of decoding digital signals up to 24/192, allows digital sources to be connected. A Type A USB connection at the rear allows an optional Bluetooth dongle to be added, facilitating wireless streaming from phones and tablets.

The menu system gives access to not only bass, treble, and balance control, but also full control of the integral FM radio. The front display can also be dimmed via the menu system.

On the front, a headphone socket allows private listening. Other than the volume control and a couple of buttons to change input, the front fascia is pleasingly simple to look at. The supplied remote control gives menu access and navigation.

Emotiva TA-100 remote control,
Emotiva TA-100 integrated amplifier, the little audio company,

As well as analogue inputs, including a switchable MM and MC phono input, digital inputs are also provided for digital sources such as compact disc players, PVR and media boxes, or off board streaming devices. 

  • 50wpc into 8ohms

  • 90wpc into 4ohms

  • 2x pairs RCA analogue inputs

  • 1x turntable input (MM / MC switchable)

  • 1x pair RCA analogue outputs, summed mono for subwoofers

  • 1x pair RCA analogue outputs

  • 1x pair RCAanalogue REC outputs

  • 1x optical digital input

  • 1x coaxial digital input

  • USB digital input (type B)

  • 1x USB input (type A) for Bluetooth dongle

  • FM screw type aerial connection 

  • 1x 12v trigger output

rear panel of the Emotiva TA-100 integrated amplifier,

emotiva ta-100 integrated amplifier

Providing 50wpc of Class A/B amplification, the slimline TA-100 has enough power for virtually any speaker it is likely to be paired with, thanks to its amplifier design based around an ultra low noise toroidal transformer.

An onboard FM radio allows radio listening, without the annoying 'bubbling water' sound that can affect DAB radios. FM radio tends to sound better than some stations too, as many DAB stations broadcast at low bit rates, reducing sound quality.


internal view of the Emotiva TA-100 integrated amplifier,
emotiva at the little audio company,