exposure 3010S2 mono power amplifiers

exposure 3010S2

mono power amplifier

exposure at the little audio company,

The powerful Exposure 3010S2 mono power amplifiers are a perfect addition to the 3010S2 pre-amplifier, providing a powerful and dynamic monoblock amplification system, so which another two can be added for bi-wireable loudspeakers. 

A large bespoke toroidal transformer allows an extended and very clean bass performance, and the ability to easily drive difficult speaker loads. The amplifier is a bipolar transistor design, and DC coupled throughout.

exposure 3010S2 mono power amplifiers

The back panel of the Exposure 3010S2 mono power amplifier is very simple - a single analogue RCA inputs for connection to an integrated amplifier, a pre-amplifier, or even five of them to a home theatre processor for a serious home cinema system. Bi-wireable loudspeaker outputs accept standard 4, banana plugs or BFA plugs.

exposure 3010S2 mono power amp in titanium,
  • 100wpc into 8ohms

  • bi-wire outputs

  • H 115mm x W 440mm x D 300mm

  • available in black or titanium

  • 3 year warranty

  •  discontinued