exposure 3010S2 phono stage

Exposure 3010S2 phono stage in titanium,
exposure at the little audio company,

Rather than having individual bespoke circuitry for both moving magnet AND moving coil cartridges on board (and the user only ever using one or the other), the Exposure 3010S2 phono stage is available in either MM or MC guises, dedicating itself to your preferred choice of cartridge. Moving magnet or moving coil boards are chosen to be fitted when ordered.

Exposure 3010S2 phono stage in black,
rear panel of the Exposure 3010S2 phono stage,

The Exposure 3010S2D amplifier provides a single pair of RCA phono inputs and a single pair of RCA outputs.

exposure 3010S2 phono stage in titanium.
  • MM or MC choice

  • optional MM or MC board

  • H 90mm x W 440mm x D 300mm

  • available in black or titanium

  • 3 year warranty

  •  discontinued