Marten Duke 2 loudspeakers shown in Piano Black,

Marten loudspeakers use custom-designed Accuton drivers, normally associated with some of the very best loudspeakers in the world, and also the supplier of bespoke speaker systems for automobiles, including the Bugatti Chiron.

marten duke 2 loudspeakers

marten at the little audio company,
Accuton drivers used in the Marten Duke 2 speakers,

accuton drivers

Custom made Accuton ceramic drivers provide the most accurate frequency response, and allows the Duke 2 to cover 38Hz-40kHz at +/-3dB from a two-way design, comprising a 1" cell tweeter and a 7" mid/bass driver.

Marten Duke 2 loudspeakers shown on Solid Tech stands,

The three-column speaker stands shown are by Solid Tech - please get in touch to find out more.

The Duke 2 is a single wire, two-way design in order to keep things simple, and is one of only two two-way models Marten produce. Other than the Accuton drivers mentioned above, Mundorf components are used for the crossover for the highest possible sound quality.

Marten Duke 2 speakers shown in Piano Walnut,
marten duke 2 stands_edited_edited.jpg
  • two-way design

  • 1" ceramic HF unit

  • 7" ceramic mid/bass driver

  • rear ported cabinet

  • 38Hz-40kHz (+/-3dB)

  • 88dB sensitivity

  • 4ohms impedance (3.7 min)

  • H400mm x W220mm x D330mm

  • £6495 / pair matt  walnut

  • £6750 in piano black or gloss walnut

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