Despite Mytek producing studio grade DACs for the professional world - which are precisely the same DACs they produce for domestic music lovers, the Liberty is an extremely compact, flexible box that is perfect for headphone based systems and desktop PC systems. 

The Liberty is a high quality DAC, a high quality headphone amplifier, and can act as a simple but high quality pre-amplifier, which will decode standard and hi-res sound formats including DSD and MQA.

mytek liberty dac

Mytek's Liberty is a flexible little box. It's main purpose is a high quality digital to analogue convertor. This uses the Sabre ESS 9018 chipset, capable of decoding most digital formats including the DSD sound format as well as fully infolding MQA files to its original sampling rate - allowing you to enjoy hi-res music in its native form.

It is also a high quality headphone amplifier. Using a high current amplifier with 3 watts of power on tap, it is capable of driving almost any headphone you are likely to use.

Having analogue outputs means that not only can the Liberty act as a standalone DAC or headphone amp in an existing system, but it can also act as a pre-amplifier in a pre/power based hifi system, or for a pair of active loudspeakers.

Standard unbalanced RCA and TRS outputs allow connection to any power amplifier or integrated amplifier.

An AES/EBU digital input supports formats up to 24/192kHz / DSD64

An optical digital input supports up to 24/192kHz / DSD64

Two coaxial digital inputs support formats up to 24/192kHz / DSD64

A Type A USB digital input supports formats up to 24/192kHz / DSD64

Standard mains connection or facility to add an optional linear power supply.

Mytek Liberty DAC, the little audio company,


  • high quality digital to analogue convertor

  • high quality headphone amplifier

  • high quality pre-amplifier

  • 5x digital inputs

  • analogue RCA and TRS output

  • 6.3mm headphone socket

  • MQA and DSD digital decoding

  • H 44mm x W 218mm x D 206mm

The Innuos ZEN Mini Mk3 music server provides stored music to stream directly to the Brooklyn Liberty - including MQA - adding internet radio and music streaming services such as TIDAL, Spotify, and Qobuz to your Mytek Liberty experience.

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