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New Horizon 201 turntable,

new horizon 201 turntable

new horizon at the little audio company,

The 201 turntable is a belt-drive design in a rigid base, which is available in white or black matte finishes. The 201 can be supplied with an Audio Technica VM-520 cartridge fitted to the NH95 aluminium tonearm, reducing set up time out of the box, or can alternatively be purchased with a cartridge such as the Nagaoka MP100 or MP110.

The high-torque motor is a 24v synchronous AC motor to insure speed stability, decouple from the plinth to eliminate vibration.

The 20mm thick platter may look like glass, but is in fact made from crystal methacrylate, a cheaper option than glass but retains the crystal clear look of glass and its weighty properties - this platter weighs in at 1.7kg.

The plinths are manufactured from compressed recycled wood pulp and artificial resins, isolated from each other.

201 in black matte finish,

Detachable phono cables allow them to be upgraded, or the use of longer cable lengths.

201 with dust cover,
  • belt-drive turntable

  • 33 & 45 RPM speeds

  • 9" NH95 aluminium  tonearm

  • rigid plinth design

  • 20mm crystal methacrylate platter

  • 24v synchronous AC motor

  • inverted bearing

  • detachable phono cables

  • black or white matte finishes

  • H110mm x W450mm x D365mm

  • 2 year warranty

  • optional dust cover £90

  • optional GD aluminium record clamp £90

  • £1130 with Nagaoka MP-100 cartridge fitted

  • £1140 with Audio Technica VM-520 cartridge fitted

  • £1010 without cartridge

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