Norma Audio's HS-IPA1 is a high end modular hifi amplifier based around their higher end REVO integrated amplifiers. There are three options which can be added at the time of purchase:

  • a DAC with five digital inputs

  • an MM/MC phono stage

  • a high end Class A headphone amplifier

norma audio hs-ipa1 amplifier

Norma Audio at the little audio company,

The Norma Audio HS-IPA1 uses conventional Class AB amplification to produce a powerful, low distortion amplifier with a very low noise floor, capable of a conservatively genuine 75wpc into 8ohms, doubling into 4ohms. This amplifier's power supply section has been derived from the power supply of their REVO IPA140 amplifier.


With a continuous current output level of 24amps, the HS-IPA1 is capable of a peak current output of 100amps per channel, resulting in an amplifier that sounds far more dynamic than its compact size alludes to. 

The digital section of the IPA1 uses two clocks - one for 44kHz and one for 48kHz sampling rates - and a Burr-Brown DSD1794 DAC chip, which will cover files up to 24bit/192kHz, and also DSD files up to DSD64.

Norma Audio HS-IPA1 hi-fi amplifier,
rear panel of the Norma Audio HS-IPA1 amplifier,

The HS-IPA1 amplifier provides four analogue inputs as standard, with one of these being utilised if the high quality MM/MC phono stage is added. With the digital option added, there are two optical and two coaxial digital inputs, as well as an asynchronous USB input. The fourth analogue input can be configured as an output, but owners of this type of amplifier are unlikely to want to add more boxes.

Norma Audio HS-IPA1 hifi amplifier,
  • 75wpc (8ohms)

  • 100 amp peak current

  • Class AB amplifier

  • asynchronous USB input

  • 2x optical digital inputs

  • 2x coaxial digital inputs

  • 4x RCA analogue inputs

  • optional DAC board (+£750)

  • optional MM/MC phono stage (+£250)

  • optional pure Class A headphone section (+£250)

  • H 118mm x W 214mm x D 370mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 5 year warranty

  • from £2900

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