Norma Audio Revo DS1 compact disc player

norma audio revo ds1

Norma Audio's roots lie in producing highly accurate audio measuring equipment, and for over 20 years now have been producing luxurious high end amplification and source components.

Norma Audio are based in Cremona, Italy, famous for its rich musical history, including composers such as Monteverdi, Stradivari, and Amati among others.

The Norma Audio DS1 uses dual Texas Instruments 2bit PCM1704 digital to analogue converting chips, but with a user configurable sharp/soft roll off filter set by a jumper bar inside the player. 

The toroidal transformer provides no fewer than 13 regulated power supplies, keeping analogue and digital stages separate. Its bandwidth is the same as the Revo amplifiers - over 2MHz.

The substantial construction of the Revo DS1 compact disc player is identical to the Revo amplifiers - all built within a solid, non-magnetic frame. Smooth, clean lines are easy on the eye, and a gentle inward curve to the top and bottom plates adds a pleasant shape to the casework.

The Revo DS1 compact disc player provides a pair of analogue RCA outputs as well as a pair of balanced XLR outputs, along with a USB, optical, AES-EBU, and two coaxial digital inputs, with one configurable for output purposes.

silver £4195

black £4330

  • RCA analogue outputs

  • balanced XLR outputs

  • 2x coaxial digital inputs

  • 1x optical digital input

  • 1x AES-EBU XLR digital input

  • 1x USB digital input

  • dual TI PCM1704 24bit DAC chips

  • toroidal transformer

  • 13 regulated power supplies

  • H 75mm x W 430mm x D 350mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 10kg

  • 5 year warranty

perfect partner
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It goes without saying that with Norma Audio's meticulous approach to audio reproduction, their amplifiers are the perfect match - both reproduce natural sounding, effortless music to a level way beyond their price point.

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studio 308f, the big peg

birmingham, england 

B18 6ND

0121 638 0721

0753 888 1969

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inside the Norma Audio Revo DS1 digital player