Norma Audio's roots lie in producing highly accurate audio measuring equipment, and for over 20 years now have been producing luxurious high end amplification. 

norma audio revo sc2 pre-amplifier

Norma Audio are based in Cremona, Italy, famous for its rich musical history, including composers such as Monteverdi, Stradivari, and Amati, among others.

Italian designed and built,
norma audio,

The SC2 is a solid state, purely analogue pre-amplifier, providing balanced and unbalanced inputs from analogue sources. Circuit topology is dual mono throughout, including independent boards for left and right channel inputs and outputs.

In true Norma fashion, its design focuses on extremely low distortion and absolute neutrality, its bandwidth covering more than 2MHz.

Four pairs of analogue inputs are provided, with one convertible to an optional, switchable dual-mono MM / MC input for adding a turntable. One pair of unbalanced RCA outputs allow connection to a suitable power amplifier or active loudspeakers. Two pairs of XLR inputs and one output allow balanced connections.

An optional digital board adds one optical, one USB, one AES/EBU, and two coaxial digital inputs.

An optional 6-channel input boards provides two pairs of inputs for 6-channel sources such as 5.1 Bluray players or 5.1 SACD players.

The SC2 has been designed as a high-performance audio pre-amplifier, and the additional DAC, phono, and multi-channel board options open up a flexibility few pre-amplifiers can offer, particularly in the case of the 5.1 inputs.

hifi critic SC2 review and award,
  • dual mono circuit layout

  • 4 prs unbalanced RCA analogue input

  • 2 prs balanced XLR inputs

  • 1 pr unbalanced RCA outputs

  • 1 pr balanced outputs

  • optional MM / MC phono board

  • optional DAC board

  • optional 6-channel input board

  • H 110mm x W 430mm x D 365mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 5 year warranty

  • £6250 in silver

  • £6440 in black

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