Norma Audio Revo IPA70 amplifier

norma audio revo ipa70 amplifier

Norma Audio's roots lie in producing highly accurate audio measuring equipment, and for over 20 years now have been producing luxurious high end amplification. 

Italian designed and built,

Norma Audio are based in Cremona, Italy, famous for its rich musical history, including composers such as Monteverdi, Stradivari, and Amati among others.

Norma Audio at the little audio company,
inside the Norma Audio IPA-70 ampifier,

Within the luxurious build quality of the Revo IPA-70 lies a monster of an amplifier. Capable of 70wpc into 8ohms (140wpc into 4ohms), a continuous current of 24amps is achieved, with 100amp peak current - that's higher than some monoblock power amplifiers. Obviously, the IPA-70 is a fast and dynamic sounding amplifier, but thanks to its design, is in no way harsh or fatiguing - just flowing, dynamic, effortless music.

Separate power supplies provide power for the gain, driver, and output stages, and its low noise dual-mono circuitry allows its bandwidth to cover more than 1MHz.

Norma Audio Revo IPA70 amplifier,

The Revo IPA-70 amplifier provides five analogue inputs as standard, with one of these being utilised if the high quality MM/MC phono stage option is added. Input 5 can be configured as a tape output. The DIRECT IN AV is an AV bypass feature, bypassing the volume control making the IPA70 a power amplifier.

An optional high quality digital board with a 24bit/192kHz DAC can add an asynchronous USB input, ideal for adding an Innuos music server, or a 432 EVO music server, adding network streaming, music streaming services, and internet radio.

rear panel of the Norma Audio Revo IPA70 amplifier,
hifi+ review of the Norma Audio Revo IPA70 amplifier,
Norma Audio IPA70 amplifier.jpg
  • 70wpc (8ohms)

  • 140wpc (4ohms)

  • 100amp peak current

  • Class AB amplifier

  • 4x analogue inputs

  • home theatre bypass input

  • H 75mm x W 430mm x D 350mm

  • USB digital board +£610

  • 15kg

  • 5 year warranty

  • £4610 black with DAC

  •  ex-demo in black with DAC £2495, saving £2115