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With the M Series, Ophidian proved it could produce 'larger than life' sounding loudspeakers that seemed to defy physics.

The two-way P1 Evo loudspeakers are ideal for those tight on space, but still want a high quality loudspeaker. Many small speakers try hard to impress and produce bass in high quantities - Ophidian keeps the whole frequency range nicely balanced, allowing depth to be better appreciated.

Ophidian P1 Evolution loudspeakers at the little audio company,

ophidian p1 evolution speakers

Ophidian at the little audio company,

The P1 Evolution uses a 27mm Sonolex coated soft dome HF unit for a natural high frequency response. 


The 180mm SEAS mid/bass driver used in the P1 is built specifically for the P Series, using lightweight aluminium cones and low-loss rubber surrounds for the fastest possible response.

Vibrations that are usually transferred to the cabinet from the force generated by the drivers - and those that usually make their way back to the drivers and front baffle are greatly reduced by using a 25mm floating front baffle, mounted on flexible gaskets, providing a cleaner, detailed, and more focused end result.

Plywood is used for the cabinet and internal bracing as Ophidian claim it to be stronger, and providing better internal damping than the more commonly used MDF.

Ophidian's Aeroflex technology is designed to produce extended bass from a small cabinet - without the negative side effects of conventional ports which usually produce a highly turbulent flow of air causing port noise, and also drastically changing the bass depending on its proximity to the wall. Place your hand over an Aeroflex port and you'll hardly feel a thing. This allows the P1 Evolution to be placed nearer to walls with less bass issues, making it a very flexible little speaker.

Evolution Series Aeroflex techology,
Ophidian P1 Evolution loudspeakers,
  • two-way design

  • AEROFLEX port system

  • floating 25mm front baffle

  • 27mm Sonolex coated soft dome HF unit

  • 180mm aluminium mid/bass driver

  • 45-30kHz (+/-3dB)

  • 8ohms impedance

  • 86dB sensitivity

  • H 349mm x W 310mm x D 192mm

  • available in oak or walnut real wood veneer with satin black front baffle


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