Rotel CD11 Tribute compact disc player

rotel cd11 tribute compact disc player

The CD11 Tribute is the result of a collaboration between Rotel's engineers and the late Ken Ishiwata, resulting in upgraded components and extensive tuning, to produce the best possible CD11, and possibly the best sub £500 compact disc player.

Rotel hifi,

All basic controls are covered on the front panel, with full control available via the supplied remote control.

Rotel CD11 Tribute CD player shown in black,
rear panel of the Rotel CD11 CD player,

coaxial digital output are provided to connect to an external DAC. Rotel Link connection allows remote control of a full Rotel stack, and two 12v triggers offer auto-power on to suitable equipment, including the rest of the 11 Series components.

Rotel CD11 Tribute CD player
Rotel CD11 Tribute CD player shown in silver,
  • 1x pair RCA analogue outputs

  • 1x coaxial digital output

  • Texas Instruments DAC

  • 12v trigger input

  • Rotel Link control

  • H 98mm x W 430mm x D 312mm

  • £449

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