Rotel RMB1585 multi-channel power amplifier,

rotel rmb1585 5-channel power amplifier

The monstrous RMB1585 from Rotel ensures any home theatre system is provided with enough raw power to recreate the dynamism needed to do justice to even the most demanding movies

Rotel hifi,
Rotel RMB1585 power amp in black.jpg

The Rotel RMB1585 is able to provide a genuine, continuous 200 watts into each of its five channels, making it a very capable multi-channel home theatre power amplifier. This is in part due to the Rotel designed and made dual toroidal transformers, British made slit foil capacitors, as well as many other specialised components. 

rear panel of the Rotel RMB1585 power amplifier,

The rear panel provides both unbalanced RCA connections for short run interconnects and balanced XLR connections for long run interconnects - the latter arrangement ensures low noise and low loss over long distances.

12v trigger in/out offers auto-power on to suitable equipment.

inside the Rotel RMB1585 power amplifier,
  • 5x 200wpc continuous (8ohms)

  • 5x unbalanced RCA analogue inputs

  • 5x balanced XLR inputs

  • 12v trigger in/out

  • 4ohm minimum speaker impedance

  • 10Hz-100kHz +0.5dB/-3dB

  • Class AB design

  • dual toroidal transformers

  • 36kg weight

  • H 237 mm x W 431mm x D 454mm

  • £2995

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