rotel rsp1576 home theatre processor

rotel rsp1576 home theatre processor

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DIRAC room equalisation,

dirac live room equalisation

DIRAC Live is one of the world's most advanced room equalisation systems, being used in some of the best home theatre components, as well as in the automotive trade to vastly improve the experience of in-car listening.

As if your own home cinema system wasn't already better than your local Odeon cinema, DIRAC allows you to make the most from any home theatre speaker system you choose, in any room you choose to use it, regardless of its acoustics.


​DIRAC Live is set up with the supplied calibrated microphone, and uses your PC to the number crunching, giving you a full visual display of the results and adjustments. Don't worry though, DIRAC can be as simple or as in-depth as you want it to be, and spending a little time getting to know it can really pay dividends when getting the most from your home theatre system.

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The same care and precision goes into Rotel's home theatre products as it does their audio components. Because of this, you're guaranteed one of the best home cinema experiences possible, where music and movies get equal billing. The fine detail and subtleties of music are also present in movies, and the power and slam of movie soundtracks also apply to music.

A total of six Wolfson 24bit/192kHz DACs provide high quality digital to analogue conversion, ensuring a level of sound quality suitable for not only high quality music, but also providing the same sound quality for movie soundtracks too.

Dolby Atmos,
Rotel RSP1576 Mk2 home theatre processor shown in black,
dts X,

The Rotel RSP1576 MkII home theatre processor is suitable for conventional 5.1/7.1 Dolby TrueHD / DTS Master Audio systems, or Dolby Atmos and DTS:X set ups up to 7.1.4. Its audio quality is good enough to be used as a stereo analogue/digital pre-amplifier in a two-channel offering connections for up to 19 sources, bass management for a 2.1 audio system, or a multi-channel audio system for SACD or DVD-Audio based music.

Digital. Six HDMI inputs are on the back panel, all of which are 4K HDCP2.2 spec, with two HDCP2.2 compliant HDMI outputs, one being ARC compatible. Assignable digital audio inputs come in the shape of three optical digital inputs and three coaxial digital inputs. A Type B USB input capable of anything up to 24bit/192kHz ideal for computer use or adding an Innuos server, and a Type A USB can provide power for USB components.

rear panel of the Rotel RSP1576 MkII,

Analogue. Three analogue inputs for hi-fi components plus an MM phono input for a turntable start things off, as well as a pair of balanced XLR inputs for suitable equipped source components like compact disc players. A 7.1 analogue input allows the connection of high quality multi-channel source components such as DVD-Audio or SACD players. Three 12v trigger outputs will spark up suitably equipped components such as extra power amplification. Rotel Link controls other Rotel components even if they're out of sight.

As the RSP1576 MkII will decode up to 11.1 or 7.1.4, a full raft of analogue outputs are provided, with dual subwoofer and dual centre outputs.

Rotel RSP1576 Mk2 home theatre processor in silver,
  • DIRAC LIVE room correction

  • 11.1 / 7.1.4 Atmos/DTS:X processing

  • 10 channel parametric EQ

  • 7x HDMI inputs (all 4K HDCP2.2)

  • 2x HDMI outputs (HDCP2.2 / ARC)

  • 3x analogue RCA inputs

  • 1x MM phono input

  • 1 pair balanced XLR inputs

  • 7.1 RCA analogue input

  • 11.2 RCA outputs

  • dual RCA subwoofer outputs

  • dual RCA centre channel outputs

  • 3x coaxial digital inputs (24/192)

  • 3x optical digital inputs (24/192)

  • 1x Type B USB input (24/192)

  • 1x Type A USB power source

  • aptX Bluetooth streaming

  • 3x 12v trigger outputs

  • IP control

  • standby passthrough

  • H144mm x W431mm x D348mm

  • £2995