Silent Angel Bremen B1 streamer,

Silent Angel's Bremen music streamer is a compact music streamer designed to offer everything anyone would need to add music app streaming and network streaming to their existing system.

silent angel bremen B1 music streamer

Silent Angel,
Silent Angel,

The Bremen B1 is a music streamer ideal for those looking for a simple, compact solution to provide network streaming and music app streaming to an existing hi-fi system. This compact box provides only that which is necessary to achieve excellent sound quality - no unnecessary connections, no displays, no excess casework.

The Bremen B1 can be used for desktop listening systems as well as full size hi-fi systems, providing Spotify Connect, QOBUZ, TIDAL Connect, and Amazon HD music streaming services.

VitOS Lite allows you to control everything with one single app.

Silent Angel Bremen B1 streamer,

The B1 streamer includes an onboard digital to analogue convertor, not only making it ideal for those without an existing DAC in their system, but also opens up its flexibility to headphone users - as well as analogue outputs, the M1 version adds a headphone socket, making it perfect as a stand alone streamer / headphone amplifier solution.

Silent Angel Bremen B1 back panel.webp

The Bremen B1 provides a coaxial digital output, an HDMI I2S digital output, and an AES/EBU digital output. Analogue RCA outputs plug into any hi-fi analogue hi-fi system, no matter how old, bringing it bang up to date.

Like the Munich streamer, its sound quality can be improved by adding the F1 linear power supply - this can also supply power to a Bonn ethernet switch simultaneously.

  • audiophile music streamer

  • Dual core 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A7 processor

  • 1x 6.3mm headphone jack

  • 1x pair unbalanced RCA outputs

  • 1x 100Mpbs ethernet port

  • 1x coaxial digital output (up to PCM192kHz)

  • 1x balanced AES/EBU digital output (up to PCM192kHz)

  • 1x I2S HDMI digital output (up to PCM192kHz)

  • Bluetooth 4.2

  • Wi-Fi (or wired ethernet) connection

  • QOBUZ streaming

  • TIDAL Connect streaming

  • Spotify Connect streaming

  • Amazon HD music streaming

  • Deezer streaming

  • Napster streaming

  • H 50mm x W 155mm x D 110mm

  • £495


  • optional F1 linear power supply £429