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just-racks JRL1651S

The Just-Racks JRL1651S is a versatile and flexible AV cabinet able to accommodate any size television up to a weight of 45kg. Above the space for full size hi-fi and AV components is a shelf designed for soundbars like Sonos and Bluesound up to 140mm tall. The front face of the cabinet is comprised of acoustically transparent fabric.

Spectral Furniture, just-racks JRL1651, AV cabinet, TV rack, the little audio company,

The JRL1651S is 1652mm wide, 480mm deep, and 380mm tall including top shelf. Available in White or Black finishes.


Spectral furniture, just-racks JRM1650, TV rack, TV stand, Tv cabinet,
spectral furniture, just-racks JLR1651, AV cabinet, the little audio company,

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