SVS SB1000 subwoofer in gloss white,

svs sb1000 subwoofer

The SB1000 subwoofer is an ideal sub for modest home theatre systems, as well as replacing mediocre subs "bundled" into 5.1 speaker packages.

Its small footprint means it can "hide" in all but the smallest of rooms, but provide a high level of quality, above any other quality subwoofer of its price, particularly those from speaker manufacturers.

SVS subwoofers,

Subwoofers rely on moving air to be able to bring you the punch, slam, and underlying menace of any movie soundtrack. The SB1000 uses a long throw 12" bass driver capable of producing 24Hz - 260Hz at +/- 3dB, which is an impressive range for such a small, budget subwoofer - better performance than some subwoofers costing far more.


No driver is anything without suitable amplification though. The SB1000 uses a 300 watt, cool running Class D power amplifier capable of producing 720 watts in order to cope with the random dynamics of a movie soundtrack.

And all this performance and technology from a footprint that's less than 15" square.

Finished in black wood effect veneer or luxurious high gloss black or high gloss white.

  • Sledge STA-300D Class D amplifier

  • 300w RMS continuous output

  • 720w peak output

  • 26-260Hz +/-3dB

  • 12" long throw bass driver

  • single RCA LFE input

  • dual RCA left/right inputs

  • dual RCA outputs

  • high level speaker inputs (4mm banana plugs)

  • sealed cabinet design

  • front firing design

  • cloth grille

  • gloss white or black, black ash finishes

  • H 330mm x W 330mm x D 330mm

  •  discontinued