technics sb-c700 loudspeakers

Technics SB-C700 hi-fi loudspeakers,

Technics started developing flat diaphragm drive units back in 1985 with the SB-RX50 loudspeaker. Despite using a smaller driver, it could be said that the SB-C700 is a direct descendent of the SB-RX50 - over 30 years later.


The Technics SBC700 loudspeakers are a two-way, bookshelf design, utilising a 160mm flat mid/bass driver and a 19mm HF unit. These are housed in a ported, elegantly designed cabinet finished in gloss black or gloss white lacquer.

The HF unit of the SBC-700 speakers is fixed in the centre of the mid/bass driver, reducing the numerous issues that can plague conventional two-way loudspeakers. As dispersion is more uniform both vertically and horizontally, imaging is improved, producing a more focused soundstage and a wider listening window. The placement of the drivers also gives the speaker a symmetrical, visually pleasing look.

The lightweight 160mm mid/bass driver uses a rigid honeycomb construction, and finished with a carbon fibre outer skin. The 19mm three layer aluminium core HF dome tweeter extends up to 100kHz, making them ideal for ultra hi-resolution sound formats.

Every effort has been made to reduce unwanted vibrations, both as far as the driver and cabinet are concerned. The thickness of the left and right cabinet sides varies, and can be as thick as 42mm along the central point.

The reflex port - located at the rear, directly behind the coincident drivers - isn't the usual budget approach of a straight cardboard or plastic tube - from inlet to outlet, the curvature of the port constantly changes to reduce port turbulence and noise.

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Technics SB-C700 hi-fi loudspeakers,
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