technics sb-g90 loudspeakers

Technics have been producing dual concentric loudspeakers for over 30 years, and along with the SB-C700, the SB-G90 is the latest Technics speaker to take advantage of this technology.


A 1" aluminium HF unit is placed in the centre of a lightweight aluminium 6.5" midrange driver, and is perfectly integrated to eliminate phase issues and correct time alignment.


The SB-G90's dual concentric array produces a single point source for all frequencies from 85kHz right down to 480Hz. This point source reproduction - with the same dispersion characteristics throughout its 360 degree radius - produces a more focused, pinpoint imaging, and ensures better, more consistent results in any room, helping you hear more of the speaker itself and less of the room. 

the point source, dual-concentric driver array of the Technics SB-G90 loudspeakers, technics at the little audio cmpany,

Low frequencies are provided by two​ long throw, leightweight aluminium 160mm bass drivers, using a dual magnet system to improve power capability.


Bass drivers create a huge amount of energy, particularly during long stroke excursion. These drivers are usually only secured to the front baffle, but as can be seen in the illustration below, in the SB-G90 speakers, the magnet behind the driver - where most of the weight is - is secured to a sub-baffle, which also helps brace the cabinet. This sub-baffle supports the full weight of the heavy double magnet, removing any resonances associated with the usual type of driver fixing.

gloss black


  • 3-way ported design

  • dual concentric HF/MF driver array

  • 1" aluminium HF unit

  • 6.5" aluminium midrange driver

  • dual 6.5" aluminium bass drivers

  • 88dB sensitivity

  • 4ohms impedance

  • 32Hz-85kHz (+/-10dB) frequency range

  • 40-200wpc amplifier recommendation

  • 32kg each

  • H1114mm x D375mm x W302mm incl base and spikes

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