technics sl1200g turntable

technics sl1200g direct drive turntable

The SL1200G owes much of its technology and features to the SL1200GAE turntable.  Many aspects of the original SL1200 were vastly improved upon for this 50th anniversary model, resulting in a technically better performance, proven by its measurements in comparison to the older models.


One extremely useful feature of Technics' turntables has been the detachable headshell. This allows headshells to be swapped out with ease, meaning any number of different pre-fitted cartridges can be used for different types of records, like 78s, stereo and mono records (which work differently), or even just different cartridges to suit specific genres of music.

With the rubber mat, the SL1200G's platter weighs 3.3kg, which is almost 2kg heavier than the older SL1210 Mk5. This is partly thanks to a finely machined brass platter adding mass as well as damping, increasing inertial mass and therefore speed stability. A Extra strengthening ribs underneath the fully balanced platter also increase rigidity.

The SL1200 Mk5 had a three layer construction of die-cast aluminium, BMC, and heavyweight rubber. The SL1200G adds an extra 10mm aluminium top panel for extra weight and rigidity, as well as giving the SL1200G a beautifully solid look, taking the overall weight of the SL1200G to a sturdy 18kg.

A rare feature in turntables at this price point is the adjustable height of the arm, which can be manually adjusted without having to remove the tone-arm from the deck, as is usually the case. This is useful for use with different height cartridges, and also for very thick audiophile records.

Brass milled, gold plated RCA phono outputs allow a detachable phono cable, so higher quality or longer ones can be used.


 our price £2649 

top view of the Technics SL1200G Direct Drive turntable,
rear view of the Technics SL1210GR hi-fi turntable,
Technics SL1200G Direct Drive turntable at the little audio company,
Technics SL1200G hi-fi turntable,
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