YBA Genesis CD4 compact disc player,

yba genesis cd4 cd player

The YBA Genesis CD4 CD player uses a single transformer to power most of the player, but two extra independent transformers provide the power for each of the left and right analogue output stages. The Cirrus Logic CS4398 chipset is used for digital conversion.

The clean looking brushed aluminium fascia sports a few toggle switches and a central display showing track and time information.

The cd player sits on three feet - two of which are damped, and the third is solid, allowing vibrations to escape the unit.

a top view showing the Genesis CD4's top loading CD mechanism,
HiFi News highly recommended award,

The YBA Genesis CD4 player uses a top loading CD mechanism, whereby a lid is manually slid back and the Compact Disc is placed directly on top of the CD mechanism - the CD is then secured by a magnetic clamp. This approach removes the need for a drawer, adding again to the tactile feel of the player and its toggle switches, improving reliability, and also helps keep the smooth look of the player intact.

rear panel of the YBA Genesis CD4 CD player,

The YBA Genesis CD4 player provides a pair of unbalanced analogue RCA outputs, a pair of balanced XLR outputs, and a coaxial digital output - the latter can be turned off by a rear mounted toggle switch.

yba genesis cd4 cd player.jpg
  • 1x pair analogue RCA outputs

  • 1x pair balanced XLR outputs

  • 1x coaxial digital output

  • W 430mm x H 118mm x D 372mm

  • £3200

perfect partner

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The pairing of the Genesis CD4 - highly recommended by HiFi News - with the Genesis IA3A produces sound quality comparable to far higher priced CD player/amplifier combinations.