The Niagara 1000 has six high-performance AC outlets - five ultra-linear filtered/ground noise dissipated outputs, and one high-current ground-noise dissipated output for use with amplification.


audioquest niagara 1000 power conditioner

Much of the technology from the Niagara 7000 has been incorporated into the Niagara 1000, but housed in a smaller, more manageable enclosure.

The Niagara 1000 uses ultra-low resistance solid-core wiring, capacitor forming technologies to improve inearity and reduce distortion, and low impedance AC inlet and outlet contacts heavy silver plating over high purity Beryllium Copper for superior noise dissipation.

The Niagara 1000 also uses AudioQuest's non sacrificial surge protection, Zero Ground-Contamination Technology, Ground-Noise Dissipation System, Ultra-Linear Noise-Dissipation Technology, as well as 'over voltage shutdown', fully protecting against AC surges and spikes.