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Roon at the little audio company,

roon products at the little audio company

Roon is a total control software solution bringing all your music - regardless of carrier - into a single control app (except Spotify currently). Roon also brings a wealth of information to your fingertips, including lyrics, band bios, local gig info etc. You can learn more about Roon's features here.

This page explores the many possibilities to make the most of your Roon account. Just click the product photo for more info.

wireless loudspeakers

Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i wireless speaker,

Bluesound's Pulse Flex is a stand alone, wireless loudspeaker with Roon integration, as well as a host of music streaming apps on board, and can be transported anywhere around the house, and with the addition of the £69 Pulse Flex battery pack, you can take it anywhere you like!

Ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, outdoors etc.

KEF LSX II wireless loudspeakers,

KEF's LSX loudspeakers are an ideal stand alone stereo speaker system for music streamers, and are available in a number of funky colours. These compact, wireless loudspeakers are Roon compatible, as well as providing Bluetooth and AirPlay2 wireless streaming, and TIDAL and Spotify streaming apps.

Ideal for small rooms and places where space is at a premium.

KEF LS50 Wireless louspeakers,

Larger than the LSX, the KEF LS50 Wireless are based on the award winning LS50 loudspeakers, producing a perfect 'point source' sound reproduction. As with the LSX, Roon compatibility brings all your music together in one place. Network and Bluetooth wireless streaming, as well as Spotify Connect and TIDAL streaming apps.

Ideal for all sizes of rooms due to the set up app, and most commonly used to replace full size hi-fi systems for those wanting less clutter.

KEF LS60 Wireless louspeakers,

The floorstanding KEF LS60 Wireless provides all the functionality and convenience of the LS50 loudspeakers, along with the 'apparent point source' driver layout of the flagship Blade model.

As with the LS50, Roon compatibility brings all your music together in once place. The LS60 also provides numerous other music streaming apps, Bluetooth and AirPlay streaming, as well as network streaming. 

Ideal for virtually any size room due to their output capabilities and set up app, and perfect for those wanting an elegant, fully capable system that is simple to use and takes up very little space.

streamers and music servers

Innuos Mk3 music servers,

Innuos' range of media servers are predominantly a hard drive based product on which to rip and store compact discs and act as a central hub for all your household streaming products, but they also have music streaming services on board, as well as internet radio, making them an ideal music streaming device - all controllable via Roon.

Ideal for adding Roon streaming capabilities to any existing hi-fi system.

Bluesound streaming products,

Bluesound produce a wide range of streaming products providing a whole host of music streaming apps and internet radio. The Bluesound range can act as a whole house multi-room system using Roon, providing multiple independent music zones for the whole family.

With a wide range, Bluesound are ideal for any domestic situation.

Silent Angel streamers,

Silent Angel streamers provide hi-res music streaming services and internet radio, as well as network streaming and Roon compatibility.

Ideal to add Roon controlled high quality and hi-res streaming to mid-priced hi-fi systems.

Lumin streaming products,

Lumin's range of high quality music streamers add music streaming to any music system, along with internet radio, AirPlay streaming, and a whole host of music streaming apps, as well as network streaming and Roon compatibility.

Ideal for exploiting the full capabilities of Roon.

hi-fi amplifiers

Lumin M1 network amplifier,

Lumin's M1 network amplifier adds a whole host of music streaming apps, as well as Airplay streaming, internet radio, and network streaming with Roon compatibility.

Ideal for exploiting the full capabilities of Roon from a single box.

Bluesound PowerNode streaming amplifier,

The Bluesound PowerNode 2 provides all the music and network streaming capabilities of the rest of the Bluesound range, including Roon compatibility. Adding amplification makes it a flexible music streaming amplifier - just add speakers!

Ideal for compact spaces and allowing a wide choice of speakers.

Hegel have produced a highly capable range of amplifiers, and have subsequently taken the British hi-fi amplifier market by storm. All are network connectable offering network and AirPlay streaming, with all models now offering Roon compatibility too.

Ideal for those wanting a "no compromise" approach to their Roon experience.

Hegel streaming amplifiers,
Bel Canto Black e1X integrated network streaming amplifier,

The network connected Bel Canto Black eX1 is a high quality, slimline, cool running integrated amplifier that brings all your music libraries together in one place with the aid of Roon.

Ideal for those wanting a single box, "no compromise" approach to their Roon experience.

av receivers

Anthem home theatre amplifiers,

Not only do Anthem produce a fantastic sounding range of home theatre amplifiers with one of the world's best room EQ systems on board, but they look great too, but also offer Roon compatibility, bringing together all your streaming services into one place.

Ideal for home theatre enthusiasts who also wants to stream music with a comprehensive control app.

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