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home theatre speaker systems

Most stereo loudspeaker manufacturers will provide centre speakers and surround speakers to make up a home theatre speaker package, but very few are really suited to the extreme demands of such a system, and some just aren't able to perform well enough. Here we list those that are particularly well suited to extremely serious home theatre reproduction, able to reproduce and maintain cinema-levels in your living room or larger dedicated home theatre spaces. These are the créme-de-la-créme of home theatre reproduction - despite not being the most expensive you can buy. With the various design features of these brands, they will outperform many far more expensive systems/packages on the market. If you'd like to know more, please do get in touch. A blog will follow to detail this.

Ascendo Immersive Audio home theatre packages,

ascendo immersive audio packages


Ascendo were founded in 1995, developing passive and active on wall/in-wall home theatre loudspeakers based on high-efficiency dual-concentric driver designs, covering 5.25" up to 15". Subwoofers cover driver sizes of 12" up to 80", reproducing genuine infrasonic performance down to 1Hz.

Monitors and subwoofers are available in sealed and ported options, and active versions have AVB control options for full control and flexibility.

ken kreisel home theatre packages,

ken kreisel theatre packages


Ken Kreisel has been at the forefront of home theatre for almost 50 years, designing and implementing unique features to ensure the very best sound reproduction for movies, and finding his way into movie studio mastering suites as a result.

Compact sealed boxes work well in any room, providing dynamics that elude conventional hi-fi speakers. Sealed, push-pull design subwoofers providing extremely low distortion with unmatched speed and punch.

Perlisten Audio home theatre packages,

perlisten theatre packages


A relatively new company, but extremely serious about producing high-tech, high quality loudspeakers for hi-fi and home theatre use.

Perlisten provides controlled dispersion, and a level of output many hi-fi speakers can only dream of. Sealed, push-pull design subwoofers providing extremely low distortion with unmatched speed and punch.

The world's first THX Dominus speakers and subwoofers.

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