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surround sound speaker packages

Most stereo loudspeaker manufacturers will provide centre speakers and surround speakers to make up a home theatre speaker system, but very few have the ingredients to produce an exceptional sounding home theatre system. At the little audio company, we are equally critical of surround sound speaker packages as we are hi-fi loudspeakers, and only recommend those that we feel are worthy of taking up your living space.

Amphion surround sound packages,

amphion speaker packages

While Amphion don't make subwoofers or dedicated surround speakers, their reputation in music mastering studios around Europe spills over into home theatre too - neutral monitors allowing the listener to hear everything that's going on.

With a low crossover point, Amphion loudspeakers present much of their information via the waveguide, producing a more 'point-source' presentation than most speakers, and ensures sound is dispersed uniformly to reduce high frequency reflections at critical room points. 

KEF surround sound speaker packages,

kef speaker packages

KEF's UniQ driver array lends itself very well to home theatre as well as music, being able to place effects accurately and blend in very well with each other.

There options cover a wide range of price points, as well as offering equivalent in-wall and on-wall options for surround use.

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