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help us raise money for charity

While some hi-fi stores tend to sell vinyl (as we do), we don't want to ignore those who prefer digital, particularly for those who purchase Compact Discs, either with a view to playing them, or transferring them to a music server such as an Innuos to make their music available on any streaming product within the house.

So we've decided to sell used CDs. Nobody wants to pay a fortune for CDs, so used is definitely the way to go, and unlike vinyl, one glance will tell you the playable condition of the disc before buying.

so what are we doing?

At some point in the near future, we'll offer money for your old or unwanted CDs. this will be roughly in line with the prices offered by the likes of Musicmagpie, but we'll offer you slightly more.

Initially, we're looking for any donations of compact discs or compact disc collections to kick things off and get us started. So if you have any unwanted CDs, you can either drop them off to us, or a collection can be arranged depending on cost (needs to be economically viable). Or, if you know of anyone wanting to get rid of any CDs, please refer them to us! Charity shops are overflowing with CDs, and tend to refuse many nowadays, but we won't.

how much will they be?

We'll be selling most CDs for £1, and some may be less depending on condition, or if they're less desirable titles. Some may be a little more - some titles are a little more scarce or desirable than others, and some may be special or limited editions.

which charity, and what will they receive?

ALL profits will be given to the local Birmingham Children's Hospital. How frequently this will be handed over will depend on the amounts raised. Any amounts handed over will be reported, and a grand ongoing total will be kept up to date here. Hopefully we'll also be able to start matching any monthly totals raised to double the donations.

The time I spend sorting, cleaning, replacing broken cases, cataloguing etc is unpaid.

raising money for children,
raising money for children,

so please share and recommend!

The success of this will ultimately be down to you! So please share on social media and mention us, and link to this page so they can see what it's all about - anyone who has any questions can email me at or call on 0121 638 0721 or 0753 888 1969.

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