Rotel A10 integrated amplifier

rotel a10 integrated amplifier

For decades, Rotel have produced high value amplification using high quality components, with simple, short signal paths of equal length, capable of clean output power that exceeds its conservative output ratings. This continues today with the slimline A10 amplifier.

Rotel A10 amplifier shown in black,

Bass and treble controls can be adjusted to your preference, or bypassed with the tone switch. Input and speaker selection are provided, as well as a source control to allow the monitoring of recordings with three-head cassette decks.

A 3.5mm jack allows headphone listening, and a 3.5mm jack input allows the temporary connection of portable media.

rear panel of the Rotel A10 amplifier,

The Rotel A10 provides four analogue inputs, as well as a high quality MM phono stage and a tape loop. A pair of analogue pre-outputs allow for the addition of a power amplifier or a subwoofer or two.

Dual speaker outputs allows two pairs of speakers to be used, or to run a second pair in another room.

Inside the Rotel A10 amplifier is exceedingly simple. A large, high current toroidal transformer, and the bare minimum of components in order to preserve signal quality.


All signal paths are kept equal in order to reduce any left/right channel timing issues, and you can see from the photo that the left and right channels are laid out in a dual-mono fashion.

The moving magnet phono stage, as you can see, is kept well away from other circuitry to avoid interference.

  • 40wpc (8ohms)

  • 4x pairs RCA analogue inputs

  • 1x 3.5mm analogue input

  • 1x tape loop (RCA in/out)

  • MM phono stage

  • 1x pair RCA analogue pre-outputs

  • headphone socket

  • bass and treble controls

  • Class AB design

  • H 72mm x W 430mm x D 342mm

  • £395

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