backed by 30 years industry experience, and focused on the real needs of music lovers and home theatre enthusiasts, the little audio company is home to many alternative, exclusive and hard to find hi-fi brands in Birmingham city centre, and even surrounding areas, chosen for their blend of reliability, flexibility, and above all, sound quality

from flawlessly performing music streamers and digital servers, through flexible amplifiers with DAC, phono, and streaming options, to loudspeakers designed to provide excellent performance in almost any room - providing you with genuinely useful products to suit any requirements

hifi at the little audio company


our selectively chosen hi-fi components offer options for all listening situations...

home theatre at the little audio company


our small but focused range of home theatre products offer you the perfect solution to any of your movie viewing requirements...

our website is for informational purposes only, we do not run a click-to-buy website as we prefer the old fashioned approach of customer interaction, ensuring you get exactly what you need to enjoy your music collection

if you're looking for your next upgrade, or for a system tailored to suit your listening space, feel free to call or email us and we'll run through your options with you to help you narrow down your shortlist ahead of arranging an audition