amphion argon 3ls loudspeakers

Available in smooth satin white or black, the compact Amphion Argon 3LS is also available in a high quality walnut veneer. The supplied protective metallic grilles are available in a number of colours.

Amphion's design approach concentrates on smooth, wide dispersion via waveguide technology in order to minimize room effects so you hear less of your room and more of your music.


A low crossover point of 1600Hz throughout the Argon range means the speakers emit more of the directional frequencies we hear from one single point, and also allows a wider frequency range to benefit from the all important waveguide around the titanium HF unit. This also moves the crossover point well below the 2-5kHz frequency area which our ears are the most sensitive to. The leading edges of notes from any instrument become much more precise and defined in comparison to speakers using higher crossover points.

Amphion Argon 3LS loudspeaker, the little audio company,

The Argon 3LS speakers are a single wire model - cutting down on excessive crossover components, and is one reason why Amphion speakers are so clear and transparent, and used in recording studios for monitoring mixes. 

The Argon 3LS speakers uses a larger cabinet than the Argon 3S, producing substantially deeper bass, giving the Argon 3LS a big presence, and are better suited to larger spaces needing higher output.

Bass is substantially deeper too, giving the Argon 3LS the presence and weight usually associated with floorstanding loudspeakers.

The 3LS is a sealed floorstanding box, using a lightweight aluminium passive radiator instead of a port placed directly behind the mid/bass driver. This removes the negative problems of reflex ports, and also works over the entire frequency range of the front firing mid/bass driver for a smoother, more natural response.

Amphion Argon 3LS loudspeaker, the little audio company, passive radiator,
standard £2900/pair
walnut £3100/pair
  • two way, sealed cabinet design

  • 25mm titanium HF unit

  • 6.5" aluminium LF unit

  • 6.5" passive radiator

  • 85dB sensitivity

  • 8 ohms impedance

  • 1600Hz crossover point

  • 22Hz-20kHz +/- 6dB

  • 30-150wpc recommended amplifier power

  • H 968mm x W 191mm x D 305mm

  • available in white, black, white/black, or real wood walnut veneer

  • 5 year warranty

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