simple hi-fi systems

Here we present the very simple hi-fi systems that the little audio company has to offer. What you see is what you get - there's no hidden boxes or components anywhere - these photos show exactly what will be on show in your living room.

These systems cover a wide range of budgets, and are based around different sources, though most of them provide inputs to add other components or existing components such as games consoles or Sky boxes etc. Just click on the system to read more about their capabilities.

This page is a work in progress...

Triangle vinyl replay system,

A simple vinyl based system for those who predominantly listen to records.

This system also provides Bluetooth streaming from phones and tablets.

Triangle at the little audio company,
KEF steaming loudspeakers,

A pair of network connected loudspeakers providing Bluetooth and AirPlay streaming from phones and tablets, and access to music streaming services such as TIDAL and Spotify, as well as network streaming.

KEF at the little audio company,