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amphion argon loudspeakers

Founded in 1998, Finland based Amphion are just as well known for their hi-fi loudspeakers as they are for their well balanced studio monitors.


Their design approach concentrates on wide, controlled dispersion via waveguide technology in order to minimize room effects so you hear less of your room and more of your music. A low crossover point of 1600Hz throughout the Argon range means the speakers emit more of the directional frequencies we hear from a single point, and also a wider frequency range from the all important waveguide around the titanium HF unit. This also removes the crossover point from the 2-5kHz frequency range which our ears are the most sensitive to.

The Argon series uses aluminium mid/bass drivers, and titanium HF units.

All models come in a choice of modern and contemporary finishes, as well as nine grille colours.

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amphion argon 0 loudspeakers

Argon 0 loudspeakers,
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amphion argon 1 loudspeakers

amphion argon 3S loudspeakers

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amphion argon 3LS loudspeakers

Argon 3LS loudspeakers,

amphion argon 7LS loudspeakers

Argon 7LS loudspeakers,
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