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ascendo sv-12 subwoofer

Ascendo SV-12 subwoofer,
Ascendo Immersive Audio at the little audio company,

Most budget subwoofers chase ultimate depth, trying to impress by offering plenty of rumble can for the money. This approach loses sight of the all important frequency range higher up the scale though, where the subwoofer produces "punch", and needs to undetectably blend with the loudspeakers they're being used with. get this wrong and the system ends up sounding like a sub/sat type speaker system.

This is where the SV-12 differs. By sacrificing some depth, it is able to provide that seamless blend with even the smallest speakers, but still provides good output under 30Hz, with some help from room gain. Rather than excelling low down, the SV-12 is probably the hardest hitting subwoofer in its price point, and likely gives many more expensive subwoofers a good run for their money. 

SV12 front view,

A lightweight composite 12" cone with a 3" voice coil is used, capable of 20mm linear excursion in both forward and backward directions. This is driven by a thermally protected 600w Class D amplifier. The SV-12 uses two front firing ports aid efficiency and output. 

The sub is finished in a black ash vinyl wrap, but is available in a gloss finish of your choice upon request. A fabric grille is provided covering the whole front fascia. 

"The Ascendo Immersive Audio SV-12 is a chest slamming and toe tapping dynamo."

"The SV-12 is in a very tiny class by itself and this entry into affordable subs is a win for every hobbyist out there. "

The SV-12 provides unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs, as well as outputs to daisy chain. Controls for volume, phase, and a low pass crossover control covering 30Hz-150Hz are present - all that's needed to get up and running before running an auto EQ setup on your AV or processor.

As well as the main power switch, there's a toggle switch to enable auto-sleep, or have the sub constantly switched on.

"I've never heard subwoofers at this price point hit anywhere near as hard."

"I typically favour punchy tactility in subs over outright depth, and the 12 subs appear to be tuned to deliver just that effect, making them incredibly fun to listen to."

SV-12 back panel, SV12 connections,
HCC review,

The SV12 has just been reviewed as a pair in an Atmos 7.2.4 Atmos system in Home Cinema Choice - click the logo for the full review.

Mark Craven noted their "deep, ominous lows" and "texture and presence all through the lower frequencies ."

  • home theatre subwoofer

  • dual port design

  • 12" composite driver

  • 600w Class D amplifier

  • 1x pair unbalanced RCA inputs

  • 1x pair balanced XLR inputs

  • 1x pair unbalanced RCA outputs

  • 1x pair balanced XLR outputs

  • low pass filter control (30Hz-150Hz)

  • phase control

  • volume control

  • optional auto-off mode

  • black ash finish

  • gloss colour finishes to order

  • fabric grille

  • H 490mm x W 400mm x D 400mm

  • 2 year warranty

  • £1150

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