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Ascendo The16 subwoofer,

ascendo SV-16 subwoofer

Whereas the SV-12 sacrifices a little depth for a more punchy presentation, "The16" has been designed to reach deeper, for a more subterranean home theatre experience. Infrasonic subwoofers can still be added to The16, but the 16 is more suited to a larger, more serious home cinema system than the SV-12. 

A lightweight composite 16" cone with a 3" voice coil is used, capable of 30mm linear excursion in both forward and backward directions. This is driven by a thermally protected 1000w Class D amplifier.

The sub is finished in a black ash vinyl wrap, but is available in a gloss finish of your choice upon request for a surcharge. A fabric grille is provided covering the whole front fascia. 

The16 provides unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs, as well as outputs to daisy chain. Controls for volume, phase, and a low pass crossover control covering 40Hz-150Hz are present - all that's needed to get up and running before running an auto EQ setup on your AV or processor.

As well as the main power switch, there's a toggle switch to enable auto-sleep, or have the sub constantly switched on.

The16 back panel, The16 connections,
  • home theatre subwoofer

  • sealed design

  • 16" composite driver

  • 30mm Xmax linear travel

  • 1000w Class D amplifier

  • 1x pair unbalanced RCA inputs

  • 1x pair balanced XLR inputs

  • 1x pair unbalanced RCA outputs

  • 1x pair balanced XLR outputs

  • low pass filter control (40Hz-150Hz)

  • phase control

  • volume control

  • optional auto-off mode

  • black ash finish

  • gloss colour finishes to order

  • fabric grille

  • H 485mm x W 520mm x D 440mm

  • 5/1 year warranty

  • £2950

The16 subwoofer,
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