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Ascendo The6 monitor, The6 LCR monitor,

ascendo The 6 LCR monitor speaker

A compact, dual-concentric, point-source monitor speaker available in different options to suit specific requirements.

Ascendo Immersive Audio at the little audio company,

Most high-end home theatre options come with a price tag to suit. Not Ascendo Immersive Audio, who produce affordable options based on solid technology for home theatre and discrete installations with options covering all types of situations. 

"The 6" monitor comes in no less than seven guises, including on-wall and in-wall options, as well as "wedge" style height and effect options. This not only means that a complete immersive home theatre can be obtained for sensible money, but also using different timbre matched options covering front LCRs, surrounds, surround heights, and overhead Atmos effect options able can produce a far more homogenous soundstage than many far more expensive alternatives.

The 6 in gloss white,
the6 finishes.jpg

The 6 uses a 6.5" mid/bass driver, into the middle of which a 25mm soft dome tweeter is set, producing genuine point-source sound with extremely even on and off axis dispersion. This provides an even spread throughout the room, opening up the sweet spot for more listeners than conventional designs. The cabinet comes in two sizes, with one being a narrow version for use in media room setups.

The cabinet is ported to aid low frequency output and efficiency, allowing The 6 to hit an extremely efficient 93dB sensitivity so that it able to be driven by quite modest electronics and reach higher volumes much easier.

A wall mount grille is available to convert the 88mm deep on-wall The 6 into an in-wall option.

The new 6 Pro Passive model comes with a brushed aluminium fascia, improving rigidity and performance, and adds a switch to increase HF by 3dB for placement behind acoustically transparent screens.

Despite the added switch, the aluminium baffle gives a less industrial and more higher-end look and feel, possibly more acceptable in some rooms where they may be visible.

The6 Pro with aluminium baffle,
  • on-wall LCR monitor speaker

  • dual-concentric, point-source design

  • 6.5" mid/bass driver

  • 25mm HF unit

  • Phoenix installation type speaker connections

  • 93dB sensitivity

  • 113dB continuous output / 117dB peak

  • 80Hz-20kHz frequency range (+/-3dB)

  • 200w power handling

  • 8ohms impedance

  • 90 degree vertical / horizontal directivity

  • matt black or gloss white finishes

  • other gloss colour finishes to order

  • fabric grille

  • H 440mm x W 260mm x D 88mm (standard version)

  • H 495mm x W 180mm x D 88mm (narrow version)

  • 4.5kg

  • optional in-wall mount kit £160

  • £885 matt black - standard / £940 gloss white

  • £900 matt black - narrow /  £960 gloss white

  • £1700 The6 Pro - aluminium front

the6 grilles.jpg
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