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AudioQuest Q Feet, isolation feet,

audioquest q feet

AudioQuest's 'Q Feet' are squidgy Sorbogel isolation feet designed to isolate electrical components from the surface they are sitting on. Their dense, liquid-like feel absorbs vibration, preventing it from being passed onto the surface beneath, as well as vibrations being passed from the surface to the component.

Because of their liquid-like feel, the AudioQuest Q Feet are provided with "trays", in order to protect wooden surfaces, and other surfaces that might absorb residue.

A set of four Q Feet will comfortably support electronic items and loudspeakers up to 12kg. More can be used to support heavier components.

  • four isolation feet

  • four trays

  • 12kg total support

  • £129 / set of four

AudioQuest Q Feet with trays,
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