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avid integra integrated amplifier,

avid integra amplifier

AVIDHIFI at the little audio company,

AVIDHIFI amplifiers are designed with the same care and attention to detail as AVID's turntables, resulting in highly accurate, ultra low distortion products that 'get out of the way' of the music. The design and build of AVID's integrated amplifiers is the same as their pre/power combinations.

AVID INTEGRA integrated amplifier,

The outer casework of the INTEGRA is luxuriously finished in aluminium, which along with its large transformer and other components, weighs in at a respectable 23kg. The recent addition of a solid aluminium remote control provides users with the ability to control volume and mute when necessary.

A huge 750Va transformer and 88,000 uF capacitor reservoir provides an extremely robust 90wpc into 8ohms, and able to drive any loudspeaker you're likely to pair the INTEGRA with.

AVID INTEGRA integrated amp,

An amplifier should only amplify, hence the bare minimum of controls on the chunky aluminium fascia - only input select and volume controls are catered for.

A remote control is provided for volume and mute functions

If you have an AVIDHIFI turntable, you can be rest assured that pairing it with an AVIDHIFI amplifier will bring more of the faithful, low distortion sound that you don't hear from your turntable! Just sit back and enjoy the music.

Any AVIDHIFI amplifiers purchased from the little audio company will attract a healthy part exchange value if traded in against other AVID amplifiers.

The INTEGRA is purely analogue, and provides four RCA line-level inputs, plus an integral PELLAR MM/MC phono stage.

AVID INTEGRA back panel,

A pair of RCA outputs facilitate the addition of a power amplifier, should you require more.

  • integrated amplifier

  • remote control (volume / mute)

  • 90wpc into 8ohms

  • 4x pairs analogue inputs

  • 1x phono input

  • switchable MM / MC phono stage

  • 1x 6.3mm headphone output (20-600ohm range)

  • 1x pair RCA pre-amp outputs

  • 5Hz-80kHz +/-1dB frequency response

  • 0.003% distortion at 80% output

  • H 155mm x W 470mm x D 495mm

  • 23kg weight

  • available in black or silver

  • remote control

  • 2 year warranty

  • £9300

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