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avid nexus tonearm

AVID NEXUS turntable tonearm,

The newly developed tonearms means that AVIDHIFI can now provide a fully analogue front end - turntable, arm, cartridge, and phono stage. The NEXUS is an ideal partner for their flagship ACUTUS turntables.

AVIDHIFI's tonearms have been developed using the same criteria as their other high class components - the reduction of vibration being of paramount importance. Therefore, you'll see no weight-saving holes or tin foil arm tubes - rigidity is the name of the game, and you can't achieve that by saving weight or material costs.

AVIDHIFI at the little audio company,

As a tonearm nears the centre of the record, the forces acting upon it (trying to push it outwards) increase, causing distortion. A conventional bias system doesn't address this, but AVIDHIFI's tonearms use a mechanism which increases its force gradually as the arm nears the centre of the record, maintaining a more consistent sound quality across the whole side of the record.

AVID NEXUS tonearm,
  • 1.3mm thick titanium tonearm tube

  • 233mm effective length

  • 19gram effective mass (medium)

  • 880gram weight

  • detachable 5PIN DIN connection

  • RCA or fully balanced XLR options

  • £4500

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