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avid sequel turntable,

avid sequel turntable

AVIDHIFI at the little audio company,

The SEQUEL shares a little more with the flagship ACUTUS than most other AVIDHIFI turntables in that the bearing housing has been derived directly from the flagship - the spindle is press-fitted to the subchassis, improving vibration dissipation. It also shares the same unique vibration dissipating clamp design, channelling unwanted vibration away from the record via the centre spindle, lowering the noise floor quite noticeably.

The sure-footed 'arrowhead' plinth is made from a solid billet of hefty aluminium, providing an extremely stable base for the deck to work on, and the SEQUEL uses a suspension system tuned to 3.5Hz in order to repelling most external vibrations.

The bearing housing houses an inverted bearing arrangement - a sapphire tipped spindle rotates on a tungsten-carbide ball, with no friction, noise, or wear. As this contact point has no lateral movement, the platter does not wobble or suffer from rumble noise. The spindle is tapered to eliminate standing waves.


The external power supply is the basic power supply as used by the ACUTUS CLASSIC, which feeds the independently housed motor, completely independent from the turntable in order to avoid any potential vibration reaching the rest of the deck.

The solid 6.7kg aluminium platter is mass loaded around the edge, providing even greater inertia, the result being far more accurate speed and improved sound quality. The cork mat provides a damped layer between the record and platter.

AVID SEQUEL turntable,

AVID turntables provide an SME fit for tonearms, with adaptors available to fit other types, so any arm can be adapted to fit. AVIDHIFI's own arms and cartridges have been designed as perfect companions to extract the most out of your AVID deck. 

Any AVIDHIFI turntables purchased from the little audio company will attract a healthy part exchange value if traded in against other AVID decks, as would any tonearm upgrades.

  • 33 RPM and 45 RPM

  • twin belt drive system

  • 6.7kg periphery damped aluminium platter / cork mat

  • vibration transfer record clamp

  • solid aluminium chassis

  • inverted stainless steel bearing

  • sapphire jewel bearing

  • frequency tuned suspension / isolation

  • sorbothane isolation feet

  • high-torque, separate 24v motor

  • external DSP controlled PSU

  • SME arm fit (adaptors available)

  • optional acrylic cover £320

  • H 205mm x W 425mm x D 370mm

  • available in black or silver

  • 2 year warranty

  • £9000 (+ arm and cartridge)

AVID SEQUEL dust cover,
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