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avid pulsus phono stage

The PULSUS is a high-quality two-box phono stage with an external power supply, user configurable to suit a wide range of cartridges.

AVID PULSUS phono stage,
AVIDHIFI at the little audio company,
avid pulsus back panel,

The AVIDHIFI PULSUS provides inputs for Moving Coil and Moving Magnet cartidges, and of course connections to provide a line level output to connect to an amplifier.

Dip switches underneath allow the choice of MM, low gain MC, and high gain MC to suit all cartridge types.

  • MM / MC phono stage

  • MM and MC inputs

  • line level RCA outputs

  • user configurable

  • 40dB / 60dB / 70dB gain options

  • 100 / 300 / 500r - 1 / 5 / 10 /  47K resistance

  • 100 / 200 / 500pf capacitance

  • 20ohms output impedance

  • external 35va PSU

  • <0.001% distortion

  • 5Hz-70kHz +/-0.5dB RIAA

  • W 120mm x D 220mm x H 70mm x2

  • £1900

inside the AVID PULSUS phono stage,
HiFi News Editor's Choice,
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