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bel canto ref601m mono power amplifiers

Bel Canto REF601m monoblock power amplifiers,
bel canto at the little audio company,
REF601m in black,

The Bel Canto REF600M monaural power amplifier is capable of a genuine 300w into 8ohms (600w into 4ohms), with an extremely low distortion rate of 0.003% and high damping factor of over 1000. It's capabilities and quality are helped by its Impedance Optimized Input Stage - a balanced high Common Mode Rejection, low output impedance driver.

Another amazing aspect of its technology is its flat frequency response, which is +/-3dB from 0Hz all the way up to 50kHz.

Because the Ref600M mono power amplifier runs cool, thanks to its advanced Class D technology, it is ideal for tight or enclosed spaces, or even stacking for hi-fi or home theatre systems. The REF600M shares the same compact casing and brushed aluminium fascia of the rest of the e-One range.

REF601m back panel, REF601m connections,

A single analogue RCA input provides a connection for most amplifiers or pre-amplifiers, with the addition of a balanced XLR input for higher quality hi-fi components.


A set of high quality WBT Nextgen 5-way binding posts provide a firm connection for spade or banana plugs for the best possible connection for your cable/loudspeakers.

stereophile review,
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REF601m amplifier in silver,
  • 300wpc (8ohms)

  • 600wpc (4ohms)

  • 2ohm minimum load

  • 27amp peak current

  • 121dB dynamic range

  • 1x analogue RCA input

  • 1x balanced XLR input

  • Class D amplifier design

  • HDR Core technology

  • WBT Nextgen 5-way binding posts

  • 0.003%THD (1w, 1kHz)

  • >1000 damping factor

  • +/-3dB between 0Hz-50kHz 

  • H 88mm x W 216mm x D 305mm

  • £3250 each

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