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Bluesound PowerNode 2 streaming amplifier at the little audio company,
HDMI equipped,

bluesound powernode 2 streaming amplifier

bluesound at the little audio company,

The Bluesound PowerNode 2 brings all the streaming capabilities of the popular Node 2 music streamer and adds a powerful 80 watts per channel, cool running amplifier, resulting in a one-box streaming amplifier that just requires loudspeakers, which can be conventional or in-wall / in-ceiling loudspeakers. 

The new 2021 PowerNode contains a faster, more powerful processor, improved DAC, and new soft-touch glass panel on top for control purposes, including a new volume slider for easier and quicker control of volume.

Bluesound PowerNode 2 in black,
Bluesound PowerNode streaming options,
rear panel of the Bluesound PowerNode 2 streaming amplifier,

As well as conventional 4mm binding posts for connecting to loudspeakers, two 3.5mm jack inputs double as either analogue or digital inputs, supporting connection of virtually any external source you require to play through the PowerNode.

A Type A USB input allows playback of music from USB sticks or hard drives.

An eARC compatible HDMI input allows connection to your TV's eARC HDMI connection, which will route your TV's sound, and any external sources you have plugged into to, back to the PowerNode to play through your loudspeakers - this makes the PowerNode an ideal alternative to conventional soundbars, for those that cannot place a soundbar in front of or below the TV - just place your speakers either side of the TV to enjoy programmes and movies in stereo. A couple of Pulse Flex wireless speakers can be added to the system to produce surround effects


A subwoofer output allows you to connect any powered / active subwoofer, in order to provide deep bass that cannot be reproduced by even large loudspeakers. This will facilitate the use of more compact speakers where needed, without losing out on bass depth or quantity.



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  • Spotify

  • Deezer

  • Napster


  • Amazon


  • HD Tracks

  • Juke!

  • Murfie

  • Amazon Music

  • High Res Audio

  • TuneIn Internet Radio

  • iHeart Internet Radio

  • Radio Paradise

Bluesound PowerNode 2 top view,
  • 32bit / 384kHz DAC

  • 1.8GHz ARM Cortex A53 processor

  • 80wpc Class D amplifier (8ohms)

  • 2x 3.5mm optical/analogue inputs

  • 1x HDMI input (ARC and eARC)

  • 1x USB Type A input

  • 1x 3.5mm headphone output

  • 1x RCA subwoofer output

  • Gigabit ethernet

  • Dual Band WiFi

  • aptX HD Bluetooth streaming (2-way)

  • AirPlay2 streaming

  • BluOS control app (free)

  • Roon ready

  • Alexa compatible

  • Google Assistant compatible

  • Black or White finish

  • £849

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